At Destination Beauty Ashby we use a medical graded laser, to permanently reduce unwanted hair. Our machine uses the latest in 'crystal freeze' technology allowing us to offer virtually pain free treatments while delivering optimal results.


If you are fed up of shaving, waxing, suffering with in grown hairs and shaving rashes then laser hair removal is your permanent solution. 


We are able to treat all skin types, meaning this treatment is suitable for almost everybody. 


We offer FREE consultations and patch tests, which can be booked via our online booking system, all you have to do is click 'Book Now'.  


french ombre gel nails
Gel Overlays

Using products from the Bio Sculpture range to enhance the growth of healthy and strong natural nails while applying a long lasting gel.

Tortie nail art over gel nails
Nail Art 

Nail art is an add on service to any nail appointment. Gel nail art includes, but is not limited to, french tips, ombre, marble/ quartz, animal print, stars, hearts. If you would like nail art that isn't listed, contact Destination Beauty.

Gel extensions with a marble accent nail
Gel Extensions

Using Apres Gel X products to enhance your nails, adding extra length in a variety of shapes. The health of the natural nail is still priority and therefore these extensions will not cause damage.

Rose Quartz gel nail art
Builder Gel Overlay

Using products from the Bio Sculpture range to add extra strength and a structure to get your gel nails. A structured manicure, means longer lasting and stronger nails.

natural nude gel overlays
Gel Removal

A removal of gel products can be added to each nail treatment, but can also be booked as a stand alone appointment. Its important to ensure you remove gel product safely, by booking this appointment, the health of your natural nail is guaranteed if you no longer want gel product on your nails.

A relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home

Destination Beauty offers a mobile massage service. A relaxing or deep tissue massage in the comfort of your own home.

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Laser Hair Removal